More than 14 million families across the United States use propane to power their appliances and home comfort systems – and for good reasons.

As a fuel for your home, propane is:

  1. Versatile - Propane can power everything from fireplaces to water heaters, to ranges all from a single tank.
  2. Efficient - Propane is one of the best fuels you can use in terms of producing BTU’s per dollar. You can cut your energy costs by as much as half by switching from electric to propane appliances.
  3. Eco-Friendly - Propane gives off less than half of the greenhouse gases that coal-fired electricity does. In fact, propane is one of the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels.
  4. Safe - The propane industry is well regulated and follows standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the Department of Transportation and the Department of Energy – all whom make very strict rules about propane handling.
  5. American - Most of the propane used in the United Stated is produced right here at home, which means the gallons you buy contribute to America’s energy independence.
  6. Effective - Homeowners enjoy the comfort, convenience and cost savings that propane allows while business owners use it for everything from office heating to vehicle fuel.