DeSousa Oil and Service Corp. is your source for all of your heating needs, now including propane and tank installation

Today’s propane-powered home is energy efficient and comfortable, providing a reliable fuel source for all of your residential and commercial needs. Whether you are powering small propane-powered appliances or large propane home comfort systems, DeSousa Oil and Service Corp. is your go-to source for propane tanks and propane tank refills.

Looking for a propane tank

DeSousa Oil and Service Corp. doesn’t just deliver propane for your tank; we also sell, install, maintain and repair all kinds of propane tanks. Available models range in size from 100 pound tanks to 1,000 gallon tanks, above ground and buried.

Propane is a clean-burning, environmentally friendly fuel that can power everything in your home, from space heaters to indoor and outdoor lighting and so much more. We sell both aboveground and underground propane tanks.

Propane tank refill

All of our licensed technicians are certified for your peace of mind. We provide full propane tank sales, propane fuel delivery, tank maintenance, tank installation within our service area. If your home or business runs on propane, we can support you with our top-quality tank and delivery services you need at prices you can afford.