Plan Options

BUDGET PLAN: (Heating Oil & Kerosene Customers ONLY)

  • Plan is an 11 month program, which is longer than the heating season (August – June). This gives you peace of mind, along with stable monthly payments.
  • Payments are due on the 10th of every month.
  • Payment amount is based on your fuel requirements multiplied by the forecasted price of fuel to give an approximate yearly heating cost divided by (11 months) = your monthly payment. ** any outstanding balance can be paid in the month of July**
  • Any credit balance will be applied to next season’s budget.
  • The plan ONLY covers heating costs – DOES NOT cover service work or furnace repairs.
  • You will be charged the daily posted retail price at the time delivery – NOT eligible for FIXED or CAPPED pricing plan.
  • Please note: If you are already on the budget, you will remain on the budget unless you notify us otherwise.


  • Pay within 5 calendar days of your #2 heating oil delivery date (150 gals minimum delivery) and receive $.05 off per gallon of the daily posted retail price.
  • Payment is due in office on or before the 5th day or the discount will not be given – NO EXCEPTIONS!! Please Note: The office is closed on Saturday and Sunday, however payments can be placed in the mail slot underneath the front window of the office.
  • People who have opted to participate in the FIXED or CAPPED pre-pay plan are not eligible for the discount.


  • Pay for gallons as they are delivered on an as needed basis.
  • ALL payments are due IN FULL within 30 days from date of delivery. If you find that your financial situation prevents you from being able to make a full payment in the 30 day timeframe, then YOU MUST go on the budget plan.
  • Based on the market price of oil throughout the season. NO price protection included.

PRE-PAY PLAN: (Heating Oil Customers ONLY)

  • Documentation on this plan will be mailed around Father’s Day in June.